SALE!! Fubuki 吹雪 Boots Niseko 2.0 *

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The ultra-light, super warm, waterproof, winter boot!!

FUBUKI: noun (Japanese) 吹雪 snowstorm 

We know you have tried on at least one pair of winter boots before. Try to forget about those for a second. Niseko is something different. When we say “light”, we mean light as in “people get a minor shock the first time they pick them up”. When we say “resistant”, we mean resistant as in “people with cold feet literally send us thank-you notes”. When we say “comfortable”, we mean comfortable as in “people want to wear them even when they’re not supposed to want to wear them”. Again, Niseko is something different. It is the boot you’ve always looked for, yet, never been able to find - until now.

Make sure you read Fubuki's Niseko 2.0 size guide before making a purchase. Women are generally recommended to step up 1-2 sizes compared to their normal size. Men are generally recommended step go up 1 size compared to their normal size.